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About Us

Click.  Alex checks the battery levels on his flash as he recomposes and reframes the scene in the dark lobby.  Click.  His equipment is running on vapor and the sun has long past set for the day, but he is driven to take the next photograph.  Click.  He checks the photograph in the back of the camera and sure enough he got the image he was hoping for so he wraps up the shoot and calls it a day. 

Alex Wong first fell into the photography addition as a teen and has developed his skills ever since.  From taking advanced photography courses in high school to getting accepted and excelling and graduating with a BA in Professional Photography at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, Alex has done his best in learning not only the technical, but artistic skills needed to be successful Professional Photographer. 

Alex Wong and AW Photography has since been seen at the Olympics in Vancouver, posted in magazines and trade journals for various industries in circulation not only nationally, but internationally.  His photographs has been shown at Trade Shows, Television, and online.  AW Photography strives to keep on top of current trends and technology which includes not only still photography, still VR Photography, and 1080p HD Video. 

Alex Wong lives and serves Reno and Sparks Nevada.  He is married to his beautiful wife, Wendy, and has 2 handsome young sons, which keeps his life very busy.  AW Photography has strived to achieving award winning photography in tough and challenging conditions in which many other photographers would have thrown in the towel.  Alex Wong has never back down from a challenge and looks forward to his next adventure.