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Retouching Gallery

We have the latest equipment to repair tears, staining, and discoloration in your old photographs and can provide some of the fastest turn around times possible!  Whether it's from restoring a priceless photograph to photograph your priceless car for sale, we can help!  Contact us and we will provide details so we can help you out with the best services for the best prices!

We can scan your photograph at it's native size and resolution, or at your request, we can make it large and scan up to 6000 DPI to make almost any sized poster needed.  Larger print sizes may have an extra fee depending on if it's printed in house or sent to another printer for poster sized output.  Contact us for details!

We also value and respect Copyright so by submitting your photographs to us for restoration, all effort must be made to contact the original photographer, if done professionally, and if you cannot locate the original photographer, and or get permission to allow us to proceed, we would love to assist. We will require a release signed releasing us from any future claims/liabilities should they arise from the original photographer(s).

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